People believe that because Indians have casinos that we are rich, but we're not. And we're trying to change that. We want to get into the hemp industry to create economic development for ourselves, for our youth.

--Ramona White Plume

Additional Resources

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Film Resources

Filmmakers Statement
Facilitators Guide for Screenings that can be downloaded and used to help host and moderate a screening
Lesson Plan using scenes from Standing Silent Nation for grades

Court Documents

2007 Draft Resolution to separate industrial hemp from marijuana
5-05 Appeal to Case of Alexander White Plume and Percy White Plume to the US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals
5-06 Court Decision for US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals
David West Affidavit on the science of industrial hemp
2004 Judgement against the White Plume case submitted by Judge Battey


Basic Information about Hemp
2007 Hemp Farming Act which is currently in US Congressional Committee


About the Lakota
Owe Aku Water Book a paper on the situation of contaminated water and Uranium Mining on the Pine Ridge Reservation -- a community education campaign presented by Owe Aku
Black Hills Supreme Court Decision UNITED STATES v. SIOUX NATION OF INDIANS, 448 U.S. 371 (1980) 448 U.S. 371