We just came to the consensus we are tired of living this way. We are tired of being dependant on the U.S. Government for food stamps and Commodities, and you know, looking for handouts to pay our light bill, going a couple of months without electricity. What can we do? Well you know we can grow hemp.

--Ramona White Plume


A grassroots movement starts with you.

Get involved.

Learn more.
Spread the word.

1. Buy a DVD for yourself and one to share with your friends. Proceeds from DVD sales go to our outreach initiatives and to help support the work of Owe Aku.

2. Donate to Prairie Dust Films Lakota Media Project (LMP) fund to help us continue our work helping youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation make their own documentaries. If you'd like to make a donation to the the White Plume family, donate through our pay pal account and note where you would like your money to go (ie: "White Plume work,""Film Outreach," "Lakota Media Project,"etc.)


3. Write your congressperson about industrial hemp and the HR Bill 1009, which legalizes hemp cultivation in the United States. Visit Vote Hemp for a sample letter.

4. Host a House Screening (and download our helpful screening guide) to share the documentary with your friends and family. Join the many others who are inspired by the story of the White Plume tiospaye and help us spread the word. The movement continues as the message spreads. Purchase your copy of the DVD and share it with others this week. Invite the filmmakers or the pariticipants for a truly memorable experience.

5. Let the Tribe know that you support of the growing of industrial hemp on Pine Ridge. The Oglala Sioux Tribe can be reached at P.O. Box H, Pine Ridge, SD 57770, (ph) 605-867-2244, (fax) 605-867-2609 (contact information from the National Congress of American Indians directory).

6. Support the activist work the White Plumes are doing. Visit bringbacktheway.com or defendbearbutte.org and sign the petition to defend Bear Butte! Link to their website and share their stories with others.

7. Purchase hemp products from your local hemp store or on the internet. Buy hemp paper and ask for hemp goods at your local stores. Visit www.thehia.org for places to find hemp in your area.

8. Pass it on visit the Standing Silent Nation website or youtube and watch our trailer and pass the link onto your friends. Don’t forget to rate the film or leave a comment.

9. Buy a t-shirt Be among the other fashionable wearers of this original apparel. Visit our merchandise table www.cafepress.com/prairiedust.

10. Get educated on issues impacting Native sovereignty such as the Doctrine of Discovery or the Papal Bull which declared all natives “animals” because they weren’t Christian, allowing colonizers to take their land. Learn about the genocide of indigenous peoples in America.

11. Send an ecard with our website link to your friends and family. A grassroots awareness campaign starts with you.

12. Keep coming back for more information! The movement grows and the stories change. Please check back often to our website. Look for a blog coming soon that will be user friendly and filled with lively discussion points.


If you are interested in taking it one step further, we encourage you to take one of the following actions:


Please donate to help us realize the goals of our “Outreach and Education” campaign.We strive to reach diverse audiences with Standing Silent Nation, where we can facilitate discussions and provide resources about issues raised in the film.

Large cash donations are tax deductible through our non-profit fiscal agent, Documentary Educational Resources.  To discuss this option, please contact info@prairiedustfilms.com and use “Donate through DER” as the subject line.


If you would like to host a screening of Standing Silent Nation at your home, community center, high school gym, church, or organization meeting, please contact info@prairiedustfilms.com and use “Host a Screening” as the subject line. We can send you a guide to help you facilitate a successful screening.


If you would like to screen Standing Silent Nation and/or bring the filmmakers or the White Plumes to your school, please contact info@prairiedustfilms.com and use “School Screening” as the subject line. We can suggest ways to incorporate the documentary with your event. Our curriculum materials can help you facilitate a meaningful classroom experience that easily ties into social studies, native studies, law, environmental studies, American policy and many other courses.